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  • Fast delivery
  • Door to Door
  • Easy Shipping
  • Priority for high-value product shipping and FBA Replenish
  • Product description: 1) Door to door delivery 2) Competitive rates by DHL/UPS/Fedex/TNT/EMS/Aramex 3)Priority for high-value product shipping and FBA Replenish

    SHENZHEN AY CARGO SERVICE CO., LTD(AYC), has been working for international express/courier service for many years, running 2 own courier warehouse based in Shenzhen, helped thousands of customers shipping millions of express shipments from china to over 200 countries and areas

   AYC is the key agent of China and HongKong DHL/UPS/FEDEX/TNT, could help customer ship different kind of goods like general cargo, battery goods, power bank, ink, liquid, and other sensitive goods.

Why choose us?

We’ll help you to find the right courier service.

We’ll help you save time & money.

We compare prices for shipping to over 240 destinations.

Some delivery time of Express ways FYI:

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